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The Julien Foussard Difference

July 27, 2016
While Julien Foussard's entry into the business world came in 2001, when he was 21 and he decided to leave University to found his first start up, which was an online pet shop, Julien already knew by the time he was 12 that he wanted to start businesses as a career. He is largely self-taught and he has learned even more as he has gone on, but early on he understood that a startup is more than just a business. Over the course of more than a decade, Julien Foussard has launched at least ten additional businesses.

Back in 2010, Julien Foussard discovered a new subscription-based digital services model, which occupied most of his focus until he founded his new company,, which is an innovative ad platform that manages the entire online ad process, from user data collection to ad display. As he sees it, a business startup is an expression of the founder's beliefs, which means, with few constraints and limited only by the founder's imagination, people can do anything.

Through a combination of a strong belief in innovation and a wealth of knowledge and optimism, as well as his willingness to change the status quo and turn established business models on their heads, Julien Foussard believes that he has been an excellent entrepreneur and business development partner. He firmly believes that passion and drive are the keys to being an excellent entrepreneur. Any business owner must have a strong capacity for problem solving and they must also see failure as no more than a simple step toward success.